George Smith

Managing Director
George has represented the USA Washington Apple and NWCherry industries in Europe for 30 years and 26 years respectively in his capacity as managing director of Midsummer Marketing. George founded Midsummer Marketing in 1988 and is both the brains but, more importantly, the heart of the company. He is as passionate today about growing his clients’ businesses as he was when he started, and perhaps more so nowadays in view of the challenges faced by growers and exporters in ever-changing markets and economies. With experience in 35 international markets, George’s strength lies in new business development, B2B customer interface, trade communication and retail platform activities, as well as overseeing and managing communication teams in primary markets. And whilst markets change, George believes that Midsummer’s vision remains the same in terms of bringing together growers, shippers, importers and final-mile distributors in one seamless chain to the benefit of all. George has been an active member of The Worshipful Company of Fruiterers since 1994, holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate, and was formerly an instructor of the martial art. These days, he's more keen on exploring the outdoors; enjoying cycling, golf and walking.