John Giles

Divisional Director
John is a Divisional Director of Promar International – the agri-food value chain consulting subsidiary of Genus plc. He graduated from the University College of Swansea in 1981 with a BSc Econ degree. John is also the President of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Food, Drink and Agriculture Group and a past Chair of the UK Institute of Agricultural Management. Additionally, John is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Reading, one of the top 10 agri-food academic institutes in the world. He is also the Chair of the Organising Committee of the City Food Lecture (held in London on an annual basis and organised by seven City-based livery companies involved in the agricultural and food sector). John has worked extensively on fresh and processed produce assignments throughout the UK and in 60 other countries, including all other Continental EU markets, the US, Russia, the FSU and Eastern Europe, Brazil, China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, Canada and the Pacific Rim. John has spoken at a number of leading international fresh produce conferences and seminars in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, the US, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Poland, Mexico and Ireland.