Kapil Kaushik

Chef, Head of Culinary Operations
Kapil is an award-winning, creative and passionate chef of Indian origin. He is knowledgable in various cuisines, having trained and worked with some of the finest chefs in the industry at iconic venues, including: the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, Leeds Castle, and Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, among others. Currently, Kapil heads up the culinary operations at The Kia Oval stadium in London, where he has trained and mentored many apprentices during his five seasons; helping him to build a young and enthusiastic team. Kapil has worked in the hospitality industry for over 18 years, graduating from one of the most prestigious cooking institutes in India. He began his career with Habitat World at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, before moving to Edinburgh in Scotland to work for Tony Singh, ITV Chef of The Year in 2000, at roof-top bar and restaurant Oloroso. During his time at Oloroso, in 2014 Kapil won the 13th International Indian Chef of The Year competition, held in Edinburgh. During his career, Kapil has been fortunate to work with some amazing chefs, including the Qureshi family of master chefs, who are well known for their delectable dishes from the Indian region of Awadh. Taking inspiration from his native India and using his knowledge of varied cuisines, Kapil has created some of the finest dishes over the years; combining his creative nature with his love of local British ingredients. Kapil has always been keen to innovate, and this is reflected in his menus which are full of East-meets-West ideas. But whilst experimenting with cutting-edge techniques and exotic ingredients, he has always supported and respected simple and/or often understated ingredients. Kapil is also a strong advocate of staff development within the industry, and of promoting the highest standards of food, cooking and service. He is a strong believer in passing on these skills to upcoming chefs help to create strong and confident chefs for the future.